Tips and Tricks for Multi Table Poker Action

The moment you start playing online poker, one of the greatest benefits is the fact that you can play at more then one table at once. Thanks to that, the total amount of hands that you can play per hour will drastically increase and in case you are a good poker player the same thing will happen to your hourly win rate. However one important factor is the balance between the number of tables, where you are playing and your multi tasking ability to play well at all the tables where you are seated. Each and every additional table that you will join is going to require some additional attention from you and this translates into less decision making capabilities at the other tables. The multi table play can be a very powerful resource, but in order to master it perfectly you must use it wisely so that you obtain the best results.

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Ever since the moment you play at more than one table you have to divide your concentration and the profitability is going to suffer. The key of success while playing at more than one table is to keep a good balance between the total number of tables where you play and the hourly winning rate.

For example in case you love playing Texas Hold’em No Limit 6-max with the $0.5/$1 blinds. Your average winning rate at this table is 10bb/100. This means that you are going to win around $10 for every 100 hands that you play, which means that you are winning $10/hour, since most poker rooms will offer you around 100 hands per hour. In case you join another table and your win rate will drop to only 7bb/100, you will be winning automatically $14, that’s 40%!!! more at the same time.

The best way to find what is your current equilibrium point you will have to add more tables until your overall win rate starts to go down. In order to get a very accurate win rate you will have to play a lot more than 100 hands, we usually consider 50-100k hands enough to get the overall idea of what your hourly winning rate is.

Another factor that you should take into consideration is the difference of the total amount of time you can play at the different number of tables. For example if you can play at 8 tables at once but you can last just 1 hour in that rhythm, you will be playing just 800 hands. And in case you can last for 5 hours while playing at only 4 tables, this means that you will play 2,000 hands before taking a break.

In order to ease the multi table play, there are many online poker software which are able to give you a very good overview of what’s going on at each table. The multi table poker software is going to give you all the information you need about each and every table on the Heads-Up Display. Thanks to that you will be taking the decisions a lot faster and you can get the overview table analysis in just a matter of moments. And this way it will leave you more time to concentrate at the tables where it requires more of your concentration.