Playing Holdem On Linux

Windows users have the benefit of choosing any of the top online poker websites they desire. Increasingly, popular poker sites are making native software for the Mac OS as well. Unfortunately, not a single poker site has spent the time and money to make a poker room application that will run in Linux natively. However, many sites offer a browser-based version of their poker software that will allow Linux users to play online poker right in their favorite web browser. UB is one of these poker rooms.

Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker offers a no download, Java-based version of their poker room that can be played in any web browser, including those browsers found on a Linux machine. The browser-based software is Java-based, and it nearly identical to Pacific Poker’s downloadable client.

Compared to many online poker sites, players at Pacific Poker are generally weak and loose. This is partially due to the fact that Pacific Poker’s parent site also owns 888 Casino Online, and many casino game players will try their hand at poker. Pacific Poker is renowned for their excellent customer support. Staff representatives are fluent in English, and can be contact via telephone, email, or live chat. Support is available 24 hours a day.

PokerRoom also offers a browser-based poker application, allowing Linux users to participate in real money games online. Established in 1999, the site has an extremely long history of providing online poker to the masses. Easily navigable software makes the site appealing to beginners, and novices can learn tips and strategies in their Pokah Poker forums.

Competition is very weak overall, and skilled players will make money quickly. A lot of players prefer to play fast and loose, and make frequent mistakes. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Five Card Draw are just a few of the game types available to players. PokerRoom has a very large player base, with over 22,000 members online during peak hours. High stakes games have become increasingly popular at PokerRoom in recent years, and Linux players are welcome to partake in the action.

Party Poker

Party Poker offers a highly advanced browser-based poker room for Linux players. The features are state-of-the-art, and similar to what you’d find in their downloadable application. A buddy list, friend invitations, four table multi-tabling, tiled windows and more are all included. For players looking for a brief break from poker, a blackjack game was added in 2005, and users can bet between $1 and $200 per hand.

Competition at Party Poker is a bit difficult compared to Pacific Poker and PokerRoom, but still fairly loose. The higher the stakes, the more difficult the competition becomes. Hold’em, Stud, Seven Card Hi Lo, Omaha, and Omaha Hi Lo are available, and all can be found in pot limit, fixed limit, and no limit varieties. The player base is enormous, with over 75,000 players online during peak hours. Unfortunately, Party Poker is not currently available in the US.

Someday, online poker sites will probably recognize the demands of Linux players and create native Linux software. For now, browser-based software provides an excellent alternative on these sites.