Fixed Limit Holdem

Fixed limit holdem may be the ideal form of poker for those individuals who prefer a more strategic and perhaps, relaxed, game. While aggression is rewarded, it is generally only so when well played and properly thought out. Successful fixed limit holdem players don’t necessarily bully their ways through games. This particular game requires a bit more finesse. It is not about bulldozing ones opponents but outthinking them and gaining small advantages when possible. Below, we will take a closer look at fixed limit holdem, essentially, how to play the game and the differences between it and other popular versions of the game.

Perhaps the biggest difference between fixed limit holdem and the other well known versions, pot and no limit, is that the bets are limited and determined by the size of the small bets. Bets can only be raised in increments equal to the small bet, during the preflop and flop rounds. In pot limit holdem, bets can’t be any bigger then the pot. In no limit games, there are no restrictions at all in regards to the maximum amount of ones bet.

Once players reach the turn and the river, bets can be raised in increments equivalent to the big bet. For example, if the big bet was $8 and the first player bet $4, an opponent who wanted to raise, would have to put up $8.

In a fixed limit holdem game, players are allowed only so many raises. There is a cap, that once reached, ends raises for that particular player. In many casinos the limit is between four and five. However, this will vary based on the casino a person is playing at. After an individual has used up all of their raises, they only have two remaining options. They can fold or call until it is time for the next street to be dealt.

Fixed limit holdem restricts players as it concerns their ability to wager. They are not allowed to bet just any amount of money. Individuals can only wager in increments of either the small or big blind. During the first two betting rounds, the pre-flop and the flop, players can only raise in increments equal to the amount of the small bet (big blind). In the game’s latter rounds, the turn and the river, individuals utilize the big bet. For example, in a $2/$4 game, during the first two rounds a player could only raise in $2 increments. During the latter rounds, they would be able to wager in increments of $4.

The playing structure and sequence of fixed limit is the same as other forms of holdem. The two players to the left of the dealer post the small and big blinds. Next, two hole cards are dealt to each player. Three community cards are placed face up in the center of the table. There are then four betting grounds and eventually two additional community cards added to the table, during the course of the game. Individuals have the opportunity to call, raise or fold during each round. Finally, the showdown occurs and each remaining player shows their hand to the table. The individual with the highest ranking hand wins.

Fixed Limit Holdem Tips

Steer Clear of Aggressive/Stingy tables: These sorts of tables will typically yield little profit. When combined with aggressive play, this can make for a very unrewarding and uncomfortable experience. Instead try to join games where no less then 30% of the players are seeing the flop. These games tend to be looser, which means that there is the potential to make more money.

Always Consider Pot Odds: It is important to be able to calculate and then apply pot odds. When a person is drawing, they need to be sure that they have pot odds. This will give them a good idea about whether or not they should call.

Study the Competition: This is key to successful play. Poker players need to always try to get a grasp on their competition, specifically, what type of player they are playing against, whether they are loose, tight or inexperienced. Getting a read on their skill level, tells and if they tend to play on tilt is also important when possible. The types of cards a person typically plays and under what circumstances, will say a lot about their playing ability.

It will generally take a few hands before a person is able to gather this information, but after this time, individuals should be able to get a feel for who they are up against. It is important not to jump to conclusions, but players should keep this information in the back of their mind.

In Summary
Fixed Limit is one of the most popular versions of holdem. It is a game of slight edges and controlled aggression. The biggest difference between it and the pot limit and no limit poker games, is the size of the bets. Players can only raise in increments of the small bet in the first two betting rounds. In the latter two rounds, raises are equivalent to the amount of the big bet. There are other, differences, but the aforementioned are some of the most significant.