Easiest Poker Sites – Softest & Fishiest Online Poker Sites 2010

If you came to this page, you are likely scouring the web for the easiest poker sites. Your ultimate goal is to make the most amount of money with holdem poker. Thankfully, there are a still a number of fishy poker rooms in 2010. Our editorial team of poker players has highlighted the best rooms in the table below. You can rest assured that these are the fishiest poker websites, with the softest poker competition. In our opinion, you should easily be able to beat their cash games and an win money at poker tournaments. All of these loose poker sites are USA friendly and offer real money play. Best of luck at the tables

  • How To Find The Fishiest Poker Sites ?

Firstly, you need to decide what your niche is going to be. Are you looking to win money at the fishy SNG sites ? Do you want to take down first prize money at a fishy Poker Tournament ? Or Are you looking for the fishiest cash games to grind ? Picking a niche will allow you to select your web site more optimally. The easiest pokersite for cash games is by far Sportsbook Poker, which shines as the most lucrative American holdem website of 2010. If you prefer Sit and Gos, Ultimate Bet & Absolute Poker are a superior choice. On top of offering a large volume of SNGs, they have excellent and progressive blind structures. Lastly, you may be looking for the fishiest European or Canadian poker sites. If so, you will be glad to hear that the companies listed in our table cater to these demographics. From our testing, the most fishy poker room is Sportbook, and this is across all niches (tourneys or MTTs, table games, and Sit an Gos).

  • How To Play At The Easiest Poker Sites ?

Finding the fishiest us pokersites is one thing, winning at them is another. So let’s say that you’ve decided to play at Absolute Poker, one of the fishiest tournament sites of 2010. How are you going to adapt your betting patterns to take advantage of the fishiest players ? One variation to your playbook could be to reduce your range of starting hands in the early parts of tournaments. Face it, the fish is going to pay you off at one point or another, so it’s best to get in pots without marginal holdings. The dream is to be holding a top pair hand when your opponents are outkicked. Players encountered at these sites will typically be incapable of folding second best hand. Another strategy you could employ judiciously is isolating. An isolation bet is a raise in position designed to exploit a weak limp. It gives you the initiative in the hand, more control, and you have the positional advantage to take the hand down in subsequent streets.

  • What Are the Easiest Forms of Poker & Easiest Games to Beat ?

Pot Limit Omaha is stealing some of No-Limit Holdem’s thunder as the simplest poker game to beat. The underlying reason is the significant learning curve that the game has compared to other popular forms of holdem. Some say that Pot Limit Omaha’s opposition level is reminescent of No-Limit Texas Holdem 10 years ago. One thing is sure, both the low stakes NL and the low-to -Mid PLO stakes are highly profitable in 2010. Whant to excel at an even more atypical game ? Try Razz. Few people know how to bet optimally at Razz, so this particular variant could offer you the edge you are looking for online. And obviously, the toughest game to beat is H.O.R.S.E, which takes an immense amount of skill and experience to master. Only seasoned players should try their hand at HORSE.

  • Should you play a Tight Game At the Loosest Poker sites ?

It’s always a good idea to go against the curve in poker, and this often entails switching from a LAG style (loose Agressive) to TAG (Tight Agressive) depending on the propensities of your competition. It’s common sense that opponents will be paying you off in the long run if you keep showing them better hands on the river. However, if your opposition is playing overly tight, you might want to increase your bluffing range and do some seemingly reckless plays. The trick is to find the right betting/bluffing frequencies to exploit individual betting tendencies. Sometimes these frequencies can vary wildly from player to player. One player who excels at adapting his playbook is Brian townsend, of Cardrunners fame, and one of the nosebleed high stakes PLO players on FullTiltPoker.net.

  • What Are the Easiest Cash Game Stakes To Beat ?

Typically the micros are the easiest to beat, but can also be a pain to grind, and generally a waste of time. Don’t play 10cents NL or below. In these games you’ll be playing for hours on end only to win a few cents, or one US Dollar or two if you multi-table. If you have a tiny poker bankroll, start a 25 cents NL. If you play regularely and have a big edge on your opponenets, you should be able to make one thousand a month or more from these stakes easily. In fact, I started my bankroll bankroll by playing at 25NL on Full Tilt poker and evolved that into a 2/4 NL bankroll. 10 cents is a waste of time in my opinion, as is heads up poker below 50NL on Full Tilt. Microstakes Heads up is the easiest form of poker but usually a bad idea because of the size of the rake in proportion to the blinds.

  • What Are the Easiest Sites to Deposit Money & Cash Out ?

The easiest poker site for payouts is Sportsbook. Not only are they great for accepting deposits from United States based players, they also offer a great cashing out experience. Truth be told, depositing has gotten harder in recent months, especially for some massive poker rooms such as Full Tilt Poker. By sticking to Sportsbook Poker (and UB and AP), you can rest assured that cash-ins and cash-outs will work just fine. Definetly a nice perk in 2010.