Bodog Three Card Rummy Review

Three card rummy is one of the many card games that you can play in the Bodog Casino. You can play three card rummy in your web browser or by downloading the casino software. Bodog also gives every player the chance to play the game with play money, so that you can learn how to play the game.

Not many people know how to play three card rummy, but I’m going to teach you the basics. The rules used in the Bodog Casino are the same rules that they use in Las Vegas, but they may differ from the rules you know if you play elsewhere. Bodog has listed the entire list of rules on their website and I’d recommend reading them quickly before you start playing.

The first thing that you need to do when you start playing three card rummy is select how much you want to bet on the ante. After making your ante bet you and the dealer will be dealt three cards each. In order to win the hand you need to have a lower hand then the dealer does. Bodog automatically calculates the point value for your hand, which makes it easy to decide if you want to play.

If you think that your hand is lower then the dealer’s hand then you should raise your ante bet, which is the same value of the ante bet you made. If you think that your hand is higher then the dealer’s hand then you can fold, but you’ll lose your ante bet. You can see the different hand rankings in the rules section of three card rummy on Bodog.

When you make the raise in three card rummy the dealer’s hand will flip over and you’ll find out whether you won or lost. The payouts you win in this game vary based on your point total. There is also a side bonus bet that you can wager on where you need to have 12 or less points to win. This bet isn’t against the dealer and just a side bet if you want some extra action.

It’s also important to take note that the dealer needs to have 20 or less points to qualify for the hand. If they have over 20 points then you’ll automatically win 1:1 on your ante bet. I wouldn’t recommend calling because you think the dealer has over 20 though, because in most hands they’ll qualify. I’ve played three card rummy quite a bit at Bodog and the dealer usually always qualifies.

The table is designed like all of the other games at Bodog with black and blue colours. I like the design though, since it’s not very bright and won’t hurt your eyes. In the top left corner of the table you can find a payout tab and if you click it the payouts will be listed down the side of the table. This is a great feature to use while you’re learning the different payouts of three card rummy.