Bodog Jacks or Better Review

Jacks or Better is one of the most popular video slot machines in the Bodog Casino and it’s very fun to play. We’re going to take a look at the basic rules of the game along with the features you’ll come across while playing the game at Bodog. If you’ve never played Jacks or Better video slots in the past then I’d recommend trying out the game for fun before playing with real money. At Bodog you can play any of the games in their casino with play money before you play with real money.

Jacks or Better Video Slot Rules

In this video slot machine you’ll be playing 5-card draw and in order to win you need to have a pair of jacks or better. The payouts will vary based on the ranking of your hand with a pair paying out 1x your bet and a royal flush paying out 250x your bet. You have the option of betting 1-5 credits per hand, which means if you bet 5 credits you’ll win 5x your wager. At Bodog they also offer a jackpot payout if you bet 5 credits and hit the royal flush. The payout is 4000 credits rather then 1250 credits.

To start playing Jacks or Better at Bodog you need to select how much you want to bet per credit. You can wager anywhere from $.05 to $5 per credit, which means the maximum bet could potentially be $25 per hand. I recommend always playing each hand with 5 credits on the line just in case you win the royal flush jackpot. This would mean that each hand would cost you a minimum of $.25, which isn’t all that bad considering you should have a pair of jacks or better a lot of the time.

Once you’ve selected the amount of money you want to wager on each hand you’ll be able to start playing. All you need to do is click on the deal button and you’ll be dealt five cards. After being dealt five cards you can click on the cards that you want to keep and then click on the draw button. The cards you didn’t keep will be replaced with new cards and you’ll find out whether or not you’ve won any money.

If you happen to have a winning hand a screen will popup with how many credits you’ve won and you’ll have a chance to double up if you’d like. Every time you win a hand while playing the Jacks or Better video slot machine you’ll be able to play a double or nothing game. In the bonus game you need to beat the dealer in a game of high card. The dealer will have the card flipped over and you need to select one of the four flipped over cards. If the card you pick is higher then the dealers card you’ll double your money and if it’s lower you’ll lose everything. You can also continue playing the double up game until you want to collect your winnings or until you lose.