Best Holdem Poker Books

Individuals that desire to improve their holdem game will find that they have several options at their disposal. They can search online for relevant information, including tips and strategies. While this can definitely be effective, it is sometimes difficult to decipher the good sites from the bad, especially if a person does not know enough to determine if what they are reading makes good sense. Another option is to simply play. This is a surefire way to pinpoint ones weakness but it can be expensive if real money is involved. There are always free games to practice on. However, if a person does not know how to fix what’s wrong, this won’t be of much help. One of the best ways for an individual to develop their holdem skill set is through books. A little later in this article, we will review some of the better books on this subject.

In order to buy the right book, a number of considerations have to be made. A person needs to first accurately classify their level of play. If they are a beginner, they will need to find books that are aimed at new players. Often times, these will include the basics, i.e. the rules, simple strategies and information about odds. Many people will want to quickly skip on to the more complex stuff. However, they shouldn’t. It is necessary to get a firm grasp on the basics. If a player fails to, they will find themselves struggling and quite possibly losing a lot of money.

Next, a person needs to look for books that cover the particular type of poker they are interested in learning about. Individuals that want to improve their holdem games will need to buy books on holdem.

Below, are a few of the best holdem poker books on the market. Each of these provides good instruction and excellent insight. Some are appropriate for beginners, while others are ideal for players who are a bit more advanced. For those interested in attaining any of these books will find that most of them can be purchased online.

Winning Low-Limit Holdem: This book was written by Lee Jones. It is a good basic book on Limit Holdem. Individuals will find various strategies and tips that are quite helpful in improving ones play. The book’s aim is at low-limit holdem play, which consists of $1/$2 to $4/$8 games.

Small Stakes Holdem: Winning Big With Expert Play: Several authors contributed to this book. They include David Sklansky, Ed Miller and Mason Malmuth. It is full of useful information on position, flop evaluations, implied odds, value betting and counting outs. This is a great book on subjects that many people (unless they like math and/or really understand poker) find intimidating. This book is well written and provides excellent coverage on what can be a difficult subject.

Super/System: This is a classic poker strategy book written by one of holdem poker’s best players, Doyle Brunson. This would be a great choice for individuals just learning the game. Anyone who intends to seriously play poker should buy and read this book.

Winner’s Guide to Texas Holdem: Written by Ken Warren, this book is a good beginner’s guide to Texas Holdem. It is easy to read and covers the basics including strategy. This is a great option for players just starting out. Winners Guide promotes tight play and discusses the types of players a person is likely to come up against in low-limit games.

More Hold’em Excellence: Lou Krieger is the author of this very good holdem poker guide. One of the most respected writers in his field, this book is perfect for both new and experienced players. Krieger is able to share his knowledge without going over the heads of novice readers and boring more experienced ones.

Hold’em Poker: David Sklansky was one of the first authors to write about Texas Holdem. This book, Hold’em Poker, is one of the best books on the subject. Originally made available to the public over thirty years ago, in 1976, it was updated in 1997 and continues to be a good pick for novice players.

Books are a great way for individuals to either learn the game of holdem or improve on what they already know. When a book is well written and published by a knowledgeable author, it is possible to glean a lot of useful information. Not everyone learns the same way. Some individuals are able to improve their games by simply playing, others by watching videos. There are also those who learn best by reading books on the subject. For those individuals a good book can be invaluable. We have listed, in our opinion, some of the best holdem books available. Each is written by knowledgeable and well-respected authors.